Why choose us?

Amazing Quality (HD channels)

All of our satellite television channels are digital. This means that you will be getting the highest possible reception quality. Since it lacks signal drop-off, satellite television is much better than cable television.

Access to Many Channels

Satellite television gives you access to many more channels than cable television is capable of delivering.

Whether you are interested in local or international television channels, you will get to pick among dozens of options.

Affordable Monthly Fee

Some may consider that satellite television monthly fees are more expensive than the ones for cable television but the truth is different. The satellite television packages tend to contain a bigger number of channels. This means that the monthly cost per channel is much lower than the monthly fee that the majority of cable television suppliers have.

Available Everywhere

In comparison to cable television, satellite TV has better coverage and it is available nearly everywhere. Many areas have no access to cable television due to the lack of the necessary infrastructure. We can coverage from Florida to South American countries, including all Caribbean countries.


It is known that adverse weather can affect quality of the satellite TV signal reception. Just how much of a problem it can really be? Typically, this occurs rarely, and lasts only a short period of time. For the majority of users, it is heavy rains that can attenuate signal enough to result in noticeable degradation of image quality.

KIWISAT offers 99% signal reliability year-round based on a region study of representative cities.



It’s a modern digital recording system that gives you control of your television. With it you can:

Pause Live TV

Rewind Live TV

Record with just the click of a button

Store up to 100 hours of programming (extra hard disk needed)

How do I subscribe PVR? What about cost?

KIWISAT offer PVR to all subscriber, free of charge.

How do I watch my recorded shows?

Press List on your remote to watch your recorded programs.

What is High Definition?

The HD is television technology that allows you to view images much more real, vivid colors and precise details, in a nutshell is as if part of the action happens on the screen.

The High Definition is the digital format that is characterized by offering higher quality and resolution in image, being the most advanced technology in the market with programming produced from origin such as documentaries, sports, series, movies and more. Providing cleaner and sharper images, exceptionally detailed and with an incredible richness of colors that provides a sense of total realism.

KIWISAT offer HD for all subscribers, no extra HD fee.


High Definition Equipment


If you want a true High Definition experience, you have to buy the KIWISAT equipment.

Qualities of the Team


With the KIWISAT equipment you can see all the programming available in High Definition, enjoying:


Image quality with resolution of up to 1080 lines.

Image and sound 100% digital.

Image in 16: 9 (Widescreen) format.


Dolby Digital 5.1.

Parental controls.